What is the the Same Day in March project?

After reading the book, The Same Day in March by Marilyn Singer or watching the Youtube video of the story, classes will collect data of the temperatures and compare with other classes around the world. Classroom will have the opportunity to either record their data each day or to record just for March 1 and March 31 for a In Like A Lion Discussion Activity/Discussion with their class.

Classes will have access to a spreadsheet they will record their data on each day. Classes that participate will have the opportunity to connect with with other classes through Skype to discuss data, weather patterns and compare and contrast weather in their country, region or community during the month of March.

What are the Same Day in March Objectives?

The Same Day in March project  aims at promoting  global learning. We would like classes from all over the world will join us to grow knowledge of weather , math along with cultural awareness. As an extension, we are hoping that many of the participating classes will be motivated to share their daily data, findings and thought with the rest of us using the #SDIM18 hashtag on Twitter.

Who can participate?

Teachers of all levels can sign up for the Same Day in March and they will be partnered with a class of the same level. Librarians and other educational professionals  are also welcome to participate.

How old should my students be?

Students of all ages can participate in the Same Day in March project

What does it cost?

Participation in the Same Day in March is totally free!

How do I  sign up?

To sign up- click HERE

What tools can I use?

This is totally up to you. You will connect with another class in the world using Skype. We also recommend twitter, Edmodo, Sway, email, kidblog, wikis, padlet,  and any other tool you can think of in order to connect your classroom with another classroom in the world and share your data.

What do I need to participate?

If you want to participate your first step is to sign up HERE for the Same Day in March and the only thing you need is an email account. You can read more information about the Same Day in March if you click HERE.

Why participate?

Global connections and learning prepare students to become citizens of the world. They connect with other students, learn about other cultures and life around the world. Global connections prepare students for the future.  The Same Day in March project will give you and your students the opportunity to learn and understand everything about weather.  It is true that weather is different all over the world, and the way people respond to the weather in their area is different all over the world, too, even on the same day. Students will  understand that the world can be very different than where they are.

Are there any resources I can use to start this project with my class?

We have gathered some resources for you to use with your students and  you can find them HERE. We have also created a parents’ letter for you to share it with parents  and inform them about their kids accomplishments and adventures. You can find them if you click HERE

Moreover, we have gathered some resources that you your students can use on their own in otder to promote autonomous learning. Advise them to visit our website and specifically the section that says “For Students”. They can find there games, videos, funfacts and links to educational websites. We want kids to be able to discover things on their own, share them in the class and keep them motivated! Click HERE

Is there a twitter hashtag?

The twitter hashtag is #SDIM18. We hope you will use the #SDIM18 hashtag to share your findings and datas with us and other participating classes!

How can I contact you?

You can contact us through the contact form- You can find it HERE